About us

The Cathedral Hill working group is made up of neighbours, local business owners and parents of the CCC school. We got together last year out of serious concerns we had regarding BC Housing and Cool-Aid’s plan to house more than 100 of tent city residents in the Mt Edwards building which is located a mere 18 steps from the K-8 school, in a quiet residential area, without public consultation.

After a multitude of letters, emails, meetings, etc. from neighbours stating their concern about this project, BC Housing decided to purchase another building to house the tent city folks; the old Central Care Home located in the 800 block of Pandora. In the meantime, they agreed to cap the number of residents in Mt Edwards to 38, with almost triple the staff they had originally planned, and outside security, pending community consultation.

BC Housing and Cool-Aid are now back with a new plan which still calls to house close to 100 people in the building, including 76 of them chronic homeless, without any security.

The situation has not changed. Housing that many troubled people is a single building is a terrible way to deal with this serious issue. It ghettoizes them, and brings in safety issues to the people who already are in the neighbourhood, including the young children of CCC school.

This page aims to update the neighbourhood about any new development on this issue.